An information biological system is an assortment of framework, investigation, and applications used to catch and examine information. Information biological systems give organizations information that they depend on to comprehend their clients and to improve valuing, tasks, and promoting choices.



  • Unit -1 What are Big Data and History of Big Data
    • What is Big Data
    • The 5 V’s to recollect
    • History of Massive Data
    • Application of Massive Data within the world today
  • Unit - 2 Why Big Data and Types of Big Data
    • Why is big data analytics Important
    • Real-time Benefits of massive Data Analytics
    • Types of Big Data


  • Unit -3 What is Hadoop, Introduction to Ecosystem
    • Introduction
    • Components of HDFS
  • Unit -4 How to Install Hadoop with Configuration
    • Introduction
    • Advantages of Hadoop
    • Hadoop Deployment Methods


  • Unit - 5 HDFS Architecture with Operations using Java API
    • HDFS Architecture
    • Name Images
    • Data Nodes
    • HDFS Read
    • Write operation in HDFS
  • Unit - 6 What is Map reduce How it works
    • Stages of Map Reduce
    • Map Stages
    • Reduce Stage
    • How Does MapReduce Work
    • Phases of the MapReduce model


  • Unit - 7 Introduction about decision tree
    • Introduction
    • Principle of a Decision Tree
  • Unit - 8 What is Hadoop Pig
    • What is Pig in Hadoop
    • Why Apache Pig
    • Features of Pig Hadoop
    • Apache Pig Architecture
    • Components of Pig Hadoop
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