Office Organization and Management

The Office and Administrative Management Course Online is the perfect way to learn the skills of an effective administrator.

A well-run office helps to eliminate typical errors and miscommunications. This beginner guide is everything you need to jump-start your office administrative career. The course contains 10 modules with relevant topics that discuss your day-to-day job roles and responsibilities. You will also receive this course's E-book (PDF) version for further reading.

Office and Administrative Management is an entry-level course for all official business and Organization management activities. This management is about the process of planning, organizing, and controlling all the activities of an organization, as well as the function of leading or directing people to achieve the objectives and goals of that organization. The success of a company or a business largely depends on the efficiency of the office, depending on how they administer their employees, clients, and other day-to-day official activities.

With this course, you will have the opportunity to learn about business etiquette, telephone skills, representing your boss and company, mail services and shipping, travel management, organizing meetings and conferences, and time management. This course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about being an effective administrator in a business setting.

So why wait? enroll today and start on your path to a successful career in office administration!

Who this course is for:

·        Entry-level employees who lack administrative skills

·        Jobseekers or Jobholders looking to learn and improve

·        Student of Business and Management