Social And Emotional Health


The era in which we are living today is in itself a big challenge. We all look forward to a happy and contented life. However, have we ever pondered what skills are required for living well?

We have heard people saying that enjoyment in life makes it worth living. That is true. However, positive mental health makes our life meaningful and joyful. Mere pleasure cannot help us achieve more profound satisfaction. The greatest fulfilment lies in mastering new challenges and finding meaning in what we do. When we find a cause we are willing to die for, it makes our life worthy of living.

The quality of life does not depend on the number of passing delights reaped, but on enduring satisfaction with life or calling it ‘happiness’. Moreover, happiness comes from growing from within to become a better person and finding a purpose to live for.

PCTI introduces a novel course, “Managing Emotional And Social Health” that would help you find your goals in life and help you accomplish those goals and find success in life keeping yourself in the pool of happiness and fulfilment.

Boost your energy levels, know the art of managing personal and professional relationships and take care of your physical, emotional and social health by enrolling in the course “Managing Emotional And Social Health”. In the course, discover effective techniques to reduce stress, relieve anxiety & relax even amidst challenges and explore keys to understand yourself better.

Hurry Up. Enrol yourself and know the secrets to improve the clarity of mind, focus, resilience, creativity, and lead a fulfilling life.